Wednesday, August 20

My Favorite Things

Yep, I now have a weird obsession with anything hedgehog.  But this doesn't mean I'm going to buy everything that I see with a hedgehog on it...sorta.  I'll limit myself to the really cute ones.  Likes these:

My obsessive need to see blog updates paid off when Dooce featured this guy in her Daily Style section.  She included the link to the shop (great place to find one of a kind handmade items) where she got it.  I know from the past that anything she features gets sold fast so I had to make a decision, there were only 4 left.  It was so cute!  And hedgehoggy!  And pink!  $26 later, its mine.  1 hour later, they were all gone (no I didn't buy them all).  Score!

Even though I'm not going back to school this fall (thank god) I always enjoy roaming the back to school section at Target.  It must be because I can now do it without feeling the dread knowing that my free days are numbered and I would soon have to be productive.  Last week when I was taking a look at notebooks and folders I found a set with hedgehogs on them.  Cute!  I think you all know me well enough by now and I don't even have to mention that a notebook and a folder found their way into my cart and now are on my desk at work.


  1. ok....ummmm...why hedgehogs???

  2. P.S. Gabi, I own a hedgehog. Her name is Ruby, there are pictures and video of her if you go back to old posts.