Tuesday, March 25

I didn't want to leave...

You know its been a good vacation when you haven't checked your email once and you've even forgotten your blog password.  

Ever start your vacation and realize that you wish you could stay one more day?  Yeah, me too.  And this time around that wish came true!  Here I had been thinking that we flew out of Arizona Sunday night and arriving back home Monday morning.  Nope, we were leaving Monday night, and arrived back in Minnesota Tuesday morning.  Yay for an extra day!  Thank goodness my job is flexible and the workload is slow since I didn't realize that I had the date wrong until my travel buddy, Alexis, pointed this out when we got to Arizona Wednesday night.  Oopps.  :)

My vacation went fabulous.  The weather was great, 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky every day.  The first part of the vacation was a bit hectic while we helped prepare for the wedding, but I was glad we were able to be there to help out.  The wedding was Saturday and it went really well.  

We should have spent Sunday recuperating from the wedding, but there were things to do!  Sights to see!  Pictures to take!  I just finished copying over the last of my photos from the week.  Anyone want to take a guess at how many there are?  100?  200?  Do I hear 300?  

386?  We have a winner!  

386 pictures and 1.03 GB of space later I think I realized that I documented the weekend well.  

I will start weeding through them and get some of the best ones posted.  

Right now I'm starting to feel the lack of sleep from flying all night and only getting three hours of sleep.  So I think I will settle in with some leftover ham balls that I was able to sweet talk my way into getting from the family easter dinner, and relax in my final hours of my last day off.


  1. welcome back! we missed you at easter, however at least you got to see the SUN!!! Looking forward to see some pics!


  2. I'm so glad you are back, Emily! I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip when you get a chance to rest up.
    I was thinking of you as the snow flew several times back here in Minnesota. I wish Mother Nature would figure out IT IS SPRING!!!
    Take care and WELCOME BACK!
    See you on Sunday.