Sunday, March 16

3 trips to Target in 3 days?

Ah, the fun of getting ready for a trip.   Target may be starting to wonder if I'm casing the joint.  Today I made my third and (hopefully final) trip to target in preparation for my Arizona trip this week.  It didn't matter how detailed my list was on Friday.  As I started getting things together I found out that there were more items needed so I  had to go back on Saturday, and once again today.  

Its when I'm getting ready for something like a trip when I realize that list-making must run in the family.  I have lists for what to pack, which bag to pack it in, what I'm going to wear, even what jewelry I'm gong to wear with it, and things to do before Monday comes.  I'm reminded of Mara's Ode To The December Lists.  But for me some of the fun of the trip is the weeks leading up to the trip when I start making plans, and making those lists.  

I know, I'm a nerd.

The reason for all of these lists? One of my high school friends is getting married and I'm flying down to sunny Arizona to be in her wedding.  I'm so excited to be going somewhere warm this spring.  Although, in preparation for wearing the yellow bridesmaid dress I've been tanning this month so every couple of days I've had a 8 minute mini-holiday in the tanning bed.  

But going to Arizona this week does have its down side:  I'll be missing out on the Easter festivities in Deer River with the Bain/LeFebvre/Bergeron crew. 

When I look at the 10 day forcast for Deer River and Camp Verde, its hard to feel bummed about not going up north. 37 degree high versus 76 degree high? I think you know wich one wins that battle.

But then I think about watching the kids dive into their Easter baskets and hunting for Easter eggs, the countless games of Scrabble to be played with my mom and sisters, and the yummy food (ham balls!) that I'm sure the house will be full of. Ok, now I'm feeling a tiny tinge of regret for not being there. 

So to battle this tinge of regret, I'm going to assemble my own Virtual Easter Basket full of my favorite Easter treats:

Cadbury Cream Eggs (now come in orange flavor, yum!)
Cadbury Mini Eggs (I've been known to store a bag or two of these in the freezer for later in the year)
SweetTarts Chicks Ducks and Bunnies
Dove Truffle Eggs (I can't find a picture) :o(
Starburst Jelly Beans
Resses Peanut Butter Eggs

What are your favorite Easter treats?


  1. All of it. I have a love/hate relationship with Easter - by far my favorite candy season. And when they start putting the crap out before Valentine's Day, I'm in trouble. Thank God for insulin pumps.

  2. Solid White Chocolate Easter bunnies are my favorite Dad

  3. Ham balls?? We're having ham balls? Yeahhh!!! My ridiculous 7 miler on Sunday is going to be fueled by my pocketful of Mini Eggs and malted malt eggs.

  4. Yaay Emily! I was wondering when I could put you on my morning blog tour. I love it!
    My favorite Easter candy is Peeps. Any shape or color just as long as they have sat out at least a night to get cruchy on the outside ; )
    Cousin Carin

  5. Dori's ham balls and pork roast with mashed potatoes, etc, etc.
    My hands down favorite would be the Cadbury mini eggs.
    We'll miss you Em but any one of us would pick the 75 degrees so I'm glad you get the opportunity!