Tuesday, March 18

Traveling Week Part 1:

So here ends the first part of my Traveling Week.  I was in Iowa City with a group from work to meet our Iowa City Desktop Publishing counterparts and to get some training.  It was just a quick trip: down on Monday morning and back up Tuesday afternoon.

Traveling Week Part 2?  I fly out to Arizona tomorrow!

Tonight has been a whirlwind preparation.  Tan for the last time, get bags unpacked, pack up new ones, and of course making new lists of things to do and things to pack for the morning.  :)  I did however manage to stay away from Target tonight!  (I have to confess I went to Target on Monday in Iowa City, apparently I didn't think I had enough clothes for Arizona.  That makes it 4 trips to Target in 4 days.)

I probably won't post for the rest of the week.  But expect pictures from Sunny Arizona on Monday!


  1. Happy trails! Safe travels! Happy Easter!

  2. Bummer! You should of called us!!! I am off on Spring Break this week and it would have been fun to do dinner. Oh well, maybe next time. I know that work trips get busy. Call / email next time. It would be fun to take you out. Have a blast in AZ. I'm jealous! Although the upper 50s has been nice here and there within the last few weeks.

  3. BTW....the Target in Iowa City sucks! But, I'm glad you found it helpful. It's kinda nice that it is on the other side of town as I would be there daily too. We need a Super Target badly! Michelle