Thursday, February 12

New Career Path?

The Roomie sent me a text yesterday: "I don't plan on getting married any time remotely soon...but will u help me when I do?"  She's been getting to hear (along with anyone else that will listen) all about the wedding planning progress that Samantha and I have been making.  I sometimes wonder if I've been too involved in this process, but then I hear Sam say "We need to decide on this..." and I'll ask her, "We as in you and Chris or we as in me and you?"  She'll stop and ponder, "Well I suppose it should be me and Chris, but lets be real, its me and you."  

The process has been something like this:  Sam and I will discuss, strategize, come up with a game plan and options then Sam will run it by Chris. Usually he really doesn't have an opinion.  He just doesn't want butt bows or boob bows and has given me full veto power.  Which I have utilized.  

So back to the text message, it got me thinking. This has been fun, maybe a career in wedding planning is in the future.  I'm already getting experience in assisting in dress buying, venue viewing, fielding freak-out phone calls, determining trashy vs. classy, searching the web for $1.60 tacos and Fish! graphics.  But then again, this is also for my BFF.  I'm less likely to strangle her when she decides that she not only wants fish on her invites, but real photos of goldfish.  Ms. Neurotic-Stranger-Bridezilla?  She wouldn't get the same amount of patience and probably doesn't stand a chance.  

I think I'll stick to my day job and leave the bridal planning to friends who ask for help and my own someday.  On the up side?  Sam gets to be the guinea pig and we'll be pros by the time I go through this.

Sam, through fish photos and all I really have been enjoying this.  Thanks for letting me be apart of it all and having me as your maid of honor.  Love you!


  1. I think you're doing a great job. And I'm fully honored that I get to be the keeper of "the dress". Did I mention CJ was playing with markers in my scrapbooking room the other night? Hope Sam doesn't mind the tye-dye look. Just kidding Sam, the dress is safe. Do I still get to tag along to the wedding fair next weekend? Emily you would be (are) a good wedding planner. I'm still skeptical on these goldfish though...

  2. Yeah, of course your coming to the wedding fair. It'll be fun. Have to talk to Sam and see if she's coming to the "girl party" on Saturday or not but I'm for sure going.