Wednesday, May 14


I found these purses featured on MightyGoods.  

I am refraining with all my might.  Only because they are $68 and not because this bag lady doesn't need anymore purses.  A bag lady can never have too many purses.   

But aren't they adorable?  

Especially in Orange?

And my favorite shade of Green?

And something about faux ostrich makes me giddy.  


  1. Love them! The scary-impulse-shopper in me wants to jump online and order two - one for me and one for you. We each have birthdays in the next 9 months, right?

    Unfortunately, my perpetual-accountant-other-self bitch-slapped the impulse buyer and said "umm, hello? you have a nanny to pay for all summer!"


  2. PS: It's the thought that counts, right? :)


  3. exactly! It is the thought that counts! LoL