Sunday, May 18

I really want it to be Tuesday so I can name this post Ruby Tuesday

So, on Ruby's second day home (or was it third?) she warmed up to me a bit more.  I took her igloo away so she couldn't hide and I was able to take some video of her.  So now you guys can have a good look at her.  

This is Ruby in her habitat.  I'm hoping to switch to fabric liners and get rid of the messy aspen shavings.  We'll see if she likes that.  But really, would I be able to tell if she didn't like them?  

After I posed this and watched it I realized there is a funny noise at the beginning.  This was taken on my cell phone so the sound must have gotten messed up....that noise isn't from Ruby (or me).

If you notice when I go to touch her how she kind of jumps at me and tries to poke me with her spikes?  Thats the start of her huffy state.  Since I backed off (actually I usually jump when she does this, it still startles me) she relaxes.  My hedgehog specialist, Tony, saw this and was surprised that she was approaching me at all.  So I'm hopeful that she's getting to know me.  Its really hard to tell.  

I now know why PetSmart is a dangerous place for pet owners.  I walked out of there today with a few items that I'm sure Ruby doesn't need.

After I got home from my trip to the cities I discovered what the worst thing about taking care of a hedgehog is going to out her wheel.  Apparently hedgehogs poop when they run on their wheels.  I don't know about you guys, but when i run I don't have the urge to poop and run through it.  But I guess thats just one more thing that separates us from animals.  I can tell the washing of the wheel will be an every other day occurrence, at least.  I'm sure this is probably TMI but if my sister can post pictures of her toenails falling off, I can write about this.

I think I'll leave it at that.  With that mental image of poopy wheels and toenails falling off.  

Aren't you glad you stopped in to see me today?   

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