Wednesday, October 22


As my life is pretty uninspiring at the moment my blog has taken the toll.  Sorry to my few readers.  Passing the time, and not unlike the habits of small children, I'm delaying going to bed: checking facebook, catching up on my reading on Dooce (watch this, its funny).  As I'm reading my eyes wander to the text ad section of Dooce.  These are the tag lines that catch my eye.  In order: (internal monolog in italics)

Life is NOT Crap. ---- Whew, I'm glad someone sees the glass as half full.

Bacterial Vaginosis Gone? ---- Well I sure hope so, if it's not then the ad above is lying to me and life is crap.

Got snark? ---- Yes, yes I do.

Life is full of crap. ---- Ha! See, I thought so.  Quit messing with my head!

Maybe its just me, but the juxtaposition of the random placement of these text ads struck me as funny this evening.  Maybe this is a sign that I should just stop fighting it and go to bed.  

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