Thursday, October 2

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I take it back.  I had introduced the new guy as The Print Nerd.  Apparently he prefers The Print Geek.  I mention this site to anyone that I name on here (nickname or not).  I just don't want it to be surprise down the road.  Of course this always carries the possibility of getting the eye roll and "oh, your one of those".  This time with The Print Geek, he just shrugged he shoulders and said "Huh, I've been mentioned on a blog. That's a first."  But he did want to clarify that he prefers the nickname The Print Geek.  So it shall be.  

He came over after work yesterday (Hey, I'm already seeing him more in a week than I got to see The Good Bad Weed in a month.) and we made Pioneer Woman's Tomato Basil Pizza (we made the pesto side).  While it wasn't a complete flop...I definitely know what to do differently next time. The end result was rather mushy and we may have set the smoke alarms off because of some juice overflow-age in the oven.  But really...when you can pick off melted fresh mozzarella with slices of tomato covered in pesto, it can't be all that bad.  And lets face it.  I tend to just pick off the toppings of a pizza and eat them san crust anyway.

So, second date with The Print Nerd Geek went well. We may even be planing something fun for the weekend. Lets hope for great wether on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for the name clarification. I'm still feeling optimistic and excited for you!
    Enjoy your weekend and another date.