Wednesday, October 1


Just a quick post before I start my day.

This is the scene of my morning "commute". 

I walk outside to a brisk fall morning, realizing that I'm not going to be able to go much longer without wearing a coat to work.  The trees on my street are starting to turn, kids are walking to school, others are lining up for the bus stop, and the school buses are making their respective stops.  Wow, where do I live?  This sounds like a Norman Rockwell illustration.  

I turn down Oak and head for Main Street and wham, back to the year 2008, 6 cop cars parked in a parking lot and 10 are standing around chatting.  Ah yes, its the early-morning-speed-trap that the police like to set up every couple of weeks.  Its convenient for them because this parking lot is blocked so you can't necessarily see the 6 cop cars parked there while you are gaining speed down the hill and two are hiding behind a telephone pole with a radar gun ready to flag you in.  This scene isn't that unusual, I just kind of shake my head and feel sorry for the people who will get nailed today.  

I get to the stop light at Main and make a left, past the power plant, over the bridge, over the train tracks.  Why is that school bus just sitting there?  I drive by and realized that a little car had rear-ended the bus when it made its "VEHICLE WILL STOP AT ALL RAILROAD CROSSINGS" stop.  The hood was all scrunched up, steam pouring out.  It didn't look like anyone was injured, the front of the car had gone under the bus and only the hood was scrunched up.  Wait, something is missing from this scene...where are the cops?  Oh!  They are two blocks up and around the corner setting up a speed trap.  

I know, it looked like it just happened, the cops probably hadn't gotten the call yet.  They were completely unaware that anything was going on.  

It was just kind of a slightly humorous start to my morning (humorous since it didn't look like anyone was hurt).  Here is an accident and it appears that all of the cops on duty that day are standing around the corner, two blocks away. 

And really, how do you rear-end a bright yellow school bus that has flashing lights?


  1. So, I must say that does sound interesting! I'm recalling the same thing happened on Carl Rybergs bus... the best part? It was one of the kids that typically rode the bus and had just got his license... like he didn't know we were going to be turning?? Like we did in the same spot, two times a day for almost 180 some days a year! :)

  2. At least it wasn't a Winnebago ramming the school bus. Oh what fun memories of spending some unplanned time in the Onamia Hospital with all my 95 classmates!