Sunday, November 8

Bringing the Boy Home

Right of passage for couples: visiting where we grew up. Check.

Since Mark is a cityboy and grew up in the twin cities area I've already seen where he grew up and have meet his family. And while Mark has met my family, we hadn't traveled north to visit where I grew up. We were wanting to see Duluth before schedules started getting full of holiday activities so we decided to head north this weekend.

And what a weekend to pick to travel to northern Minnesota to visit my dad before heading over to Duluth. Deer Hunting Opener. But really traffic wasn't too bad heading up, and the local place with the best burgers and Brew City fries was even pretty quiet for a Saturday evening. We just won't venture too far from the house without blaze orange.

It's funny to show someone where you grew up and the things they notice. We drove by a sign and he remarks: "Deer moose?" I believe my brother-in-law also commented on that sign when he first came north with my sister. "What's a deer moose?"

Driving along the dirt road approaching the house I grew up in he adds, "You were right, you did live in the middle of nowhere."

We've been here less than 24 hours and we do notice one thing. How relaxing it is up here. We are so used to visiting his parents in the city and wanting to go here and pick up something, and got here to check something out, run to costco and stock up on something.

But I bet the deer aren't as relaxed.


  1. Sorry I had to miss the bringing the boy home trip. Glad you had a relaxing time. Have fun in Duluth! Love, Mom

  2. ahhh...the infamous Deer Moose. Charlie still asks about it, it usually ends up with a slug to the arm or a dirty look. He's usually pretty bruised by the time we get "home", especially after singing "Larry from La Prairie" coming into GR!

  3. Too bad T roys is gone! Mom

  4. hahahahah!!! I jumped on here to say too bad he can't see T Roy's but Mom beat me to it!! :)


  5. What a great story, Emily! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing more Mark and Emil stories.
    "Larry from La Prairie" - Now that's just hilarious and something I will have to hear soon, Erin. Clearly your husband has a strong affinity towards our home town and the songs it brings out in him.

  6. Come on Ton- You know I love Deer-iverance!