Wednesday, November 11

Cotton Mansion

After dragging Mark to the great north woods, on Sunday we wandered over to Duluth for a couple of days.  A few weeks ago we found this place online:

And we knew we had to stay there.  It was built in 1908 and still has most of the original interior.  Initially we went to Duluth to see the sights but we didn't want to leave this beautiful place!
Center staircase that greets you when you walk in the front door.

Everywhere you looked had beautiful touches like original silk wallpaper and ornate lighting.

The main floor had three grand fireplaces like this one in the living room.

More unique lighting, these were every 8 feet or so going around the living room.

The dinning room where we had (amazing) breakfast every morning had the 
original hand carved table and chairs that were built at the same time as the 
dinning room using the same wood and same carving styles.

The library with another marble fireplace. We spent a lot of time in here reading.

Mark relaxing.

More library.

Our room with the gas fireplace and views of Lake Superior from both windows.

Our bathroom had the original sink, bathtub, and toilet. 
The owner even had to give us a toilet flushing lesson when we checked in.

Even though we didn't want to, we did manage to leave the mansion to do some sight seeing. We drove up to Splitrock Lighthouse and on the way back stopped at Betty's Pies for some lunner.

Proof that we did leave the mansion:

It was a great few days and I would highly recommend the Cotton Mansion Bed and Breakfast for a relaxing getaway.  The owners were friendly, accommodating, and you rarely saw anyone else except at breakfast. You really felt like you were at home and could dream what it could be like to live that kind of lifestyle in 1908. 


  1. 1-that place looks fabulous, 2-you make a cute couple;-), 3-your hair is getting long! Mom

  2. WOW...I will add this to the list of "must sees". Thanks for sharing. And...I agree with your Mom...cute couple!