Friday, September 25

Think you know what you are getting?

I love getting flowers at work. When I was in school, I loved getting flowers during class.  I guess I've been pretty spoiled in that department over the years.  I know most people think it's a waste of money but it just brightens up the day and adds a little bounce in my step when I see them.

So last week at work I was called to the front desk and these were waiting for me:

Awww...the boyfriend got me flowers.  So I took a picture with my phone and sent it to him with a huge thank you attached.  Well a few hours later I get a text.  "Are there roses in that?"  Hmmm....nope. "How about pink lilies?"  Hmmm...nope. So he sends me a picture of what he ordered from 1-800-flowers:

Wow...definitely not what I received.  Now, we both understand that what you order isn't going to be EXACTLY what you get but lets recap.  

He ordered these:

I got these:

Those two bouquets aren't even in the same price bracket! So naturally an email complaint was sent detailing what he ordered and what I got.  I will give 1-800-flowers credit, they did respond quickly and sent him out a $20 gift card and said they would have the local florist redeliver the correct bouquet.  

I like where this is going. I could be getting flowers all week!  So the next day arrives and I get another phone call from the front desk.  I walk up there and these are waiting for me:

Seriously? While I will say I think these are cuter than the last bunch (there isn't a carnation in sight) it still is definitely not what he ordered. No roses or lilies in the whole bunch. I think a florist just pocketed some cash from this deal.

So another email was sent this time with picture attachments.  The response back wasn't as accommodating as the last one.  Their response was the florist didn't have lilies in stock so they give them permission to substitute with something comparable to fill out the bouquet. Which, ok I can understand.  But really?  You didn't even have any roses?  And what we got wasn't nearly worth what he spent. Mark was pretty disappointed in the whole thing and wasn't going to take that as a last response.  So a phone call was made and a full refund was finally given.  

So what did we get? Two bouquets of flowers, $20 gift card and the knowledge that when you order from 1-800-flowers  you won't get what you ordered. Not in my town at least.


  1. BUT, on the bright side, you got TWO bouquets of flowers! I would definitely call that a great week!

  2. AND, all of us got to enjoy the photos! Nice choice Mark, too bad what you got wasn't even close. Mom