Friday, January 23

Proof that the roomie and I share a brain:

When Jamie and I first met and started hanging out our mutual friends started saying that we shared a brain.  The first time this was said I believe Tony put it: "Wow, I'm sure glad we found Jamie's other half of her brain."  As we got to know each other better we started finishing each other sentences and having those ridiculous conversations:

E: You know that..
J: Yeah, did it finally...
E: Yeah.  How weird is that?
J: I know!

Last week my friend Matt observed one of those moments and just shook his head.  He of course didn't understand a thing we were saying. Kind of comes in handy now that I think of the advantages.

We had another conversation the other night that confirmed that we do probably share a brain:

J: I wast thinking today and I finally [at this point for some reason my brain thought "Honey"] figured out what your hair color is.  
E: What's that?
J Honey

Are you kidding me?  We hadn't even been talking about my hair that day.  We had been on a different subject all together prior to this (probably boys).  Why did my brain randomly think Honey just as she was saying she figured out what to call my hair color.  Honey isn't a normal hair description.  Freaky I tell you, just freaky.  Just like today when I smelled pizza seconds before our front desk lady called to tell us our pizza was here that our manager ordered for our department.  Weird.  

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  1. I totally know how it is!!! My coworker and I share a brain too. Just the other day we were chatting about future lessons and she asked, "Are you making (and then she made a hand motion)?"
    I said, "Yep, of course," and we continued on with our conversations.
    The other teachers looked at us completely clueless of what we were talking about, but Brooke and I knew exactly what each other meant. Its pretty scary and rather funny.
    Hope all is well. ~Michelle