Thursday, September 4

My Favorite Things

I know hate is a strong word. 

But. I. Hate. Washing. Bras.


And I suppose it doesn't help that I have the most difficult bras to wash.  Hand wash, lay flat to dry.  And to top it off, these suckers take 24 hours to dry.  I know, I have weird bras (Secret Embrace from VS) but I love em!

But I have made a discovery, The Bra Baby.  


Tuck the straps into the inner ball and wrap your bra around it and snap it inside the bigger ball and your bra won't loose its shape in the wash.  My days of hand washing bras are over.  Now I can throw them in the wash with the rest of my whites and not be afraid that they will lose the shape that I pay Victoria $42 for.  

Find them for $8 a piece at Target.


  1. Wow, you're so smart---good find! Have to say that it looks like a wiffle ball on steroids though! Mom

  2. Never heard of those! Too cool! I just got a couple of them on 17.99 for a two pack! :-) Thanks!