Saturday, September 13

The Elusive Townhouse

I haven't talked a lot about my search for a townhouse.  Basically because there isn't anything to mention.  I look online once a week to see if there are any new listings and unfortunately there isn't.  Same three townhouses that I have already seen.  Although, the cheapest townhouse did sell, or they took it off the market after a year of being for sale.  It was the one townhouse we were honestly too afraid to enter.  

The original townhouse that sparked my interest and made an offer on is still up for sale.  Same price, except now there are new pictures up.  New pictures showing an empty place.  I'm guessing the renters are no longer living there.  Which means the place is empty and the owner will soon have to start paying for heat in an empty townhouse.  

So it makes me wonder, should a make another offer?  Wait a few months before doing so?  I think the Roomie's parents would kill me if I make her move so soon after moving her in.  Maybe I will sit on it for a few months and think about it.  I'm still thinking that a townhouse is the best path for me and my first housing purchase.  

That question still lingers, is this the right place for me?  Or do I wait for the perfect place to come along?  I still keep  thinking that this is the right place, for the right price.  The right price will let me turn it into the right place with new paint, new kitchen floor, appliances, and some updating to the cupboards.  

I think I will wait a few months and see what happens.

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