Sunday, April 4

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is hardly half over, but I couldn't resist sharing some cute pictures from the first part of our Easter weekend.

Saturday turned out to have some sunny warm moments so we took advantage and headed to the park.

Brooke thinking she's pretty funny.
She's right.

Saturday night the Easter Bunny came and left a fun looking basket.

Sunday morning Brooke had fun discovering what was in it. When Mark first brought her into the living room and set her down, she did her trade mark "Zzsssat? Zzssat?" pointed, and ran....straight past her basket to the remotes on the couch.

Well, not the reaction we were looking for but she soon saw the goodies that waited for her and had fun pulling each thing out.

We spent the morning playing with bubbles,

eating yogurt covered raisins,

and bunny fruit snacks.

Now it's off to Forest Lake and St. Paul to see our families. I see more food and more candy in our future.

Happy Easter everyone!

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