Sunday, July 26

Mortified or Amused?

I learned an interesting piece of information this evening. I'm not sure whether to be mortified or amused by it.  I've mentioned before that The Roomie is the manager of my favorite clothing store. My friends and family have given up asking where I got an article of clothing...they know the answer.  90% of my wardrobe is from this store.  

And apparently I'm among this store's top 100 customers.  Scratch that, I'm among THE TOP 10!  

Barely. I am #10

Good gracious.  This had better come with some perks.


  1. What?! How do you know this and what are the perks of being #10? Interesting.

  2. Jamie entered me into the customer base the other day and she has access to see the top 100 customers. And there my name was at #10.

    Not sure if there are any specific perks to being #10...bummer.

  3. You have to be number one to get the perks!