Friday, May 15

I'm in Love

No, I'm not in love with a boy.

I'm in love with these shoes.

Are the comfortable? No

Do they match with everything so I can wear them everyday? No

Are they so incredibly adorable that I couldn't resist buying them?  Yes

I know I haven't updated in a month while.  And as usual I have no good excuse.  There have been dates with new boys.  There have been break ups with new boys (I was even asked why I wasted his time, p.s. we went out on two dates).  There has been a quick trip north with Samantha for her sister's prom.  She went to Grand March, I went to watch my cousin play lacrosse. The Roomie and I have gotten ourselves sucked into Dancing With the Stars, we've yelled at the TV over LOST, and turned into cry babies during Grey's Anatomy. It's finally turned into sandal weather so I've been painting my toes hot pink and adorning them with daisies. And I think that pretty much sums up my life this past month.  Nothing too exciting going on.  It seems like I'm always busy doing something, so it looks like this summer is going to go by way to fast.  


  1. Cute shoes! I think Clinton and Stacy would definitely approve!

  2. I'm a new reader that stumbled upon your blog through dooce.

    I must tell you, I LOVE those shoes! And who cares if they aren't comfortable and don't match anything in your closet! That is the perfect excuse to do more shopping to find something to match. I should know, my closet is full of more items of clothing I know what to do with, simply because of my addiction to beautiful shoes.

  3. P.S. Shoes are a much better love than boys. They may hurt your feet, but they certainly won't break your heart. :D